Brighton Appointments

Permanent Makeup & Micro Needling in Brighton, East Sussex

Being that Brighton is a great place to visit a large percentage of clients make the journey, for example currently 51% of clients wishing to have our Dry Tattooing treatment visit from outside the BN postcode area !

We’ve had clients travelling to Brighton from:

Denmark – Dublin – Edinburgh – Hull – Carlisle – Newport – Manchester – Liverpool – Birmingham – Derby – Coventry – Leicester – Essex – Middlesex – Central London – Greater London – Berkshire – Hampshire – Surrey – Kent – East Sussex – West Sussex

Beautiful Ink Ltd – Click map for Google directions

Travelling into Brighton by Car

Beautiful Ink Ltd is based in central Brighton, right by all the shops and the sea front.  During the week parking isn’t generally too bad, but during holidays and weekends you’re advised to allow good time to park.  We usually suggest travelling by train during these busy times, especially on your first visit On the map below Beautiful Ink is shown as the little handbag icon in the road above Primark

Parking near Beautiful Ink Ltd

Brighton Car Parking
Brighton Car Parking – Click on Google map for directions

Travelling into Brighton by Train

Once you’ve decided you want to visit Beautiful Ink Ltd (Incl. Skin Confidence) the journey to Brighton is pretty easy from most places around the country.  As an example travelling from Manchester by train is about 4 hours door to door, catching two trains.  I’ve done the Manchester journey many times for my own tattoos !

Travel tip coming from the North:

  • Most trains arrive at Euston or Kings Cross
  • Catch your connecting train from St Pancras to Brighton
  • Easy 10 minute walk from Euston
  • Less than 2 minute walk from Kings Cross
  • Avoids London Underground and fare is usually cheaper
  • Beautiful Ink is an easy 10 minute walk from Brighton Station

Walking from Euston to St Pancras

St Pancras to Euston
Walk from St Pancras to Euston Stations – Click map for Google directions

The red pointer at the side of St Pancras is the entrance that’s best for the direct train to Brighton, the trains are on your left and Brighton is the last stop

Walking from Brighton Station to Crown Street

To Skin Confidence
Walk from Brighton station to Beautiful Ink Ltd – Click map for Google directions

Brighton Station to Beautiful Ink LtdIgnore the grey walking routes unless you like steep roads !

Beautiful Ink Limited

Private Limited Company Registered with Companies House:

Company Number 8032553

Lisa – 01273 775188 and 07530 978856

Feature photo credit: Baldboris via Wikipedia


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