Which Treatment is Best for Me ?

Stretch Marks

New stretch mark treatments

Stretch Mark Treatment (click thru)

Dry Tattooing for stretch marks older than 3 months.  No age limit for stretch marks that can be improved.  RégimA Skin Treatments and Scar Prevention for fresh stretch marks

Scars & Burns

Arm Lift Surgery Brachioplasty Scars Reduction

Scar & Burn Treatment (click thur)

Dry Tattooing for flat or sunken scars older than 3 months, and for burns and hypertropic scars older than 12 months.  No limit to age for scars and burns that can be improved.  For burns and large scars may combine with RégimA Skin Treatments.  RégimA Scar Prevention for fresh scars and burns

Scar Prevention

RégimA Scar Repair

RégimA Scar Repair (click thru)

RégimA Scar Prevention for fresh stretch marks, scars and burns.  Always seek medical approval if under hospital or doctor care.  Scar Repair is also an effective stretch mark prevention cream.  Laser Gel supports wound healing and reduces inflammation

Skin Camouflage


Skin Camouflage (click thru)

Skin Camouflage for those areas of miscoloured skin.  As a graduate member of the British Association of Skin Camouflage Lisa offers colour matching consultations using specialist camouflage products.  Skin camouflage is long lasting and many are waterproof


Acne treatment

Acne Treatment (click thru)

RégimA Skin Treatments for active acne.   With in salon treatments and home use products treating mild to severe acne, also treating rosacea, hormonal acne, skin congestion and oily / problem skin

RégimA Skin Treatments

RégimA Skin Treatments

RégimA Skin Treatments (click thru)

RégimA Skin Treatments for skin rejuvenation.  In salon treatments and home use products.  Improving lines and wrinkles, skin tone, texture, problem skins and mis-pigmentation due to dryness i.e dark skins can show darker areas around the mouth and forehead