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Which Treatment is Best for Me ?

Stretch Marks

New stretch mark treatments
Stretch Mark Treatment (click thru)

Dry Tattooing for stretch marks older than 3 months.  No age limit for stretch marks that can be improved.  RégimA Skin Treatments and Scar Prevention for fresh stretch marks

Scars & Burns

Arm Lift Surgery Brachioplasty Scars Reduction
Scar & Burn Treatment (click thur)

Dry Tattooing for flat or sunken scars older than 3 months, and for burns and hypertropic scars older than 12 months.  No limit to age for scars and burns that can be improved.  For burns and large scars may combine with RégimA Skin Treatments.  RégimA Scar Prevention for fresh scars and burns

Scar Prevention

RégimA Scar Repair
RégimA Scar Repair (click thru)

RégimA Scar Prevention for fresh stretch marks, scars and burns.  Always seek medical approval if under hospital or doctor care.  Scar Repair is also an effective stretch mark prevention cream.  Laser Gel supports wound healing and reduces inflammation

Skin Camouflage

Skin Camouflage (click thru)

Skin Camouflage for those areas of miscoloured skin.  As a graduate member of the British Association of Skin Camouflage Lisa offers colour matching consultations using specialist camouflage products.  Skin camouflage is long lasting and many are waterproof


Acne treatment
Acne Treatment (click thru)

RégimA Skin Treatments for active acne.   With in salon treatments and home use products treating mild to severe acne, also treating rosacea, hormonal acne, skin congestion and oily / problem skin

RégimA Skin Treatments

RégimA Skin Treatments
RégimA Skin Treatments (click thru)

RégimA Skin Treatments for skin rejuvenation.  In salon treatments and home use products.  Improving lines and wrinkles, skin tone, texture, problem skins and mis-pigmentation due to dryness i.e dark skins can show darker areas around the mouth and forehead

Preventing & Decreasing Lines & Wrinkles

It’s not just a case of slapping on a bit more moisturiser, in fact that may be the very thing that’s causing the problem!

From a mature client “It feels like I can never get enough moisture into my skin”, from a sensitive client “Everything I use makes me breakout”, from a client with adult acne or rosacea “I know my skin must be oily, but it feels so dry”, and from most clients “A few minutes after washing or cleansing and my face feels dry”.

To understand why moisturisers aren’t doing their job it’s best to understand the job they are supposed to do.  The surface of our skin should act like a waterproof barrier, keeping our bodies natural water supply inside, but for genetically dry or sensitive skin, such as from dermatitis, the waterproof barrier is essentially damaged and the water evaporates.

So for those with genetically dry and sensitive skin, regular moisture creams are required.  Moisture creams may also be needed during the temporary times of post treatment aftercare, during harsh cold winters and the low humidity of sunny holidays and air conditioning.

Yet moisturisers are probably the most purchased skin cream.  So what happens when we use a moisturiser when our skin doesn’t really need it.  Moisturisers are basically made up of water, lipids (fats) and protein, just like the outer layers of our skin.  We normally start using light water based lotions. Our skin gets used to this artificial source of water very quickly, with that tight feeling after washing indicating to us that a richer cream needs to be used.  But this isn’t true.  Our skin gets lazier as we give it more cream, and those lines and wrinkles are becoming more visible.

We may well be moisturising our skin, but are we feeding it ?   And how do you feed it when nothing seems to get through ?  Gentle exfoliation and skin peels are the easiest methods of removing the dull and clogged surface layers, then simply start again by using special products to feed the deeper dermal layers of skin.  And after a couple of skin cycles, taking around two months, you’ll have a skin surface to be proud of !

How ?  There has to be a consistent feeding of the deeper layers to promote healthy collagen and elastin, which will eventually become the healthy waterproof barrier needed as our outer skin.

Ok so we’re going to feed our skin, but how’s that going to stop lines and wrinkles ?  This new fed skin looks and feels plumper and more refined than before, and healthy skin holds its integrity on our face, not so pulled down by gravity, and not so readily creasing.  Lines around the eyes softening, on the forehead smoothing, those delightful nasolabial (nose to mouth) lines naturally filling… though they haven’t really, it’s the skin of the cheeks firming that’s having them not drooping and forming

There’s a current wave within the skin treatment industry of resisting anti-ageing treatments (such as fillers, surgery and botox) in favour of treatments that have you looking the most naturally radiant for your age, and this is where healthy fed skin is a goal.

I stock, and personally use,  RégimA Skin Treatments to sort out my developing lines and wrinkles.  I’m 47 so they were there !  RégimA offer Peel & Heal, a potent yet gentle lactic and malic acid skin peel which is suitable for use on all skin types (including sensitive and active acne), and skin colours, all year round.

RegimA home care products (click thru)
RegimA home care products (click thru)

After my initial bout of skin peels I adopted an easy homecare routine.  The Rejuvoderm night cream is a gentle 7.5% lactic and malic acid skin peel, also containing Retinol, pure Vitamin A for skin smoothing, regenerating, and stimulating new collagen. Vitamin B5 for rapid healing, cell renewal, and it helps skin to retain moisture.  All washed off in the morning with the lovely Hydroactive Cleansing Gel.  I then use a day cream and for me, that’s about it.  Oh and I love Quantum Elastin and sometimes mix it up with that too !

Of course if my skin were more damaged, dry, wrinkly, spotty or dull there’s other bits for me to add in, but I’m not actually using a moisture cream, nor for me am I needing an eye cream, which is odd, as that’s where my lines and wrinkles were showing.

And my clients from the beginning, the mature one who couldn’t get enough moisture into her skin now comments that she hardly needs to use any product as her skin feels so quenched, it’s looking much softer and smoother too. The sensitive one, well her comment was censored as she’s “Great thanks, it’s good stuff!”, and I replied agreeing that it was indeed good stuff.   And from my clients with adult acne and rosacea, after the initial skin rebellion to being treated, we have skin under control, being treated for excess sebum, acne and hormonal responses and pigmentation.

by Lisa Henning. Published in ABC Magazine – Sussex

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Why do some stretch mark creams work ?

You researched all the stretch mark prevention creams, read all the reviews, took advice from friends and family, made your choice and stuck to it. So how disappointing that you still ended up getting stretch marks. Why didn’t it work for you?

Why do stretch marks happen?

The dermis (living layer of skin) is where our skin produces collagen and elastin, when abundant and undamaged the skin easily stretches and regains its shape. Stretch marks are fine scars caused by tearing in the dermis when the skin lacks elasticity. Collagen gives skin its strength and durability, but elastin is more stretchable and helps maintain the skin’s resilience.

How do stretch mark creams or oils work?

By deeply nourishing the skin, penetrating through to the dermis, helping to heal, thicken and re-elasticise. With continued use the skin will become stronger and more elastic, allowing it to stretch even more without damage. Stretch mark prevention creams should not be thought of as a moisturiser.

So why do some products work better than others?

It’s not always the product that’s not working, it’s probably more likely you’ve chosen a product that’s not suitable for your skin type. Just like choosing the correct face moisturiser for your skin, you need to use a stretch mark prevention cream that’s suitable your skin, be it dry, normal or oily. Also, how old you are needs to be considered as the skin loses elasticity as we age.

The oilier or younger your skin is, and the more elastic it is, the skin responds to treatment is quicker because it needs less elastin proteins to repair. Conversely, the drier, older or less elastic your skin is, the earlier and more long-term use of creams will be needed to prevent stretch marks happening.

Our skin type is inherited from our parents, and one can be forgiven for taking comfort in “My mother didn’t get them, so I’m unlikely to”, but how would your father’s skin react to such stretching?

Are expensive products worth it?

Elastin can be found in lots of shampoos and conditioners, and collagen in many face and body creams, but the size of the molecule needs to be refined and small enough to penetrate to the deeper layers of the dermis. Many stretch mark prevention creams and oils make the surface of the skin smooth and moisturised, but little, if any, collagen or elastin reaches the dermis. Try using a sample of cream and a few minutes later feeling how much remains on the surface, and how much sinks in. Micro molecules that penetrate to the dermis aren’t found in cheaper products.

How do I use stretch mark prevention products?

They should be applied morning and evening to areas prone to stretching: breasts, tummy, buttocks and thighs. For those with dry and less elastic skin, starting to use products early in the pregnancy is recommended, to prepare the skin for stretching. Continue using the products while breastfeeding, washing nipples prior to each feed.  For dry skins, products need to be layered, with the stretch mark prevention cream used first, then a suitable skin moisturiser on top.

Topical Vitamin A (applied to the skin)

There’s much controversy and misinformation about what products can and cannot be used during pregnancy. Many doctors tell their pregnant patients that during the first trimester (three months) they are not allowed to take Vitamin A supplements. Supplements are taken by mouth and work systemically (get into the blood). Topically applied Vitamin A is applied externally, to work within the skin, not the blood.

Vitamin A in the forms of Retinol, Retinyl, Palmitate or beta carotene are perfectly safe to be applied to the skin during pregnancy. These have great benefits for the skin, aiding condition and helping, in combination with other natural ingredients, to prevent stretch marks. Always check product labelling for product safety to use during pregnancy.

RégimA Scar Repair & Anti-Stretch Complex is safe and highly recommended to use during pregnancy.  It contains high potency pure Retinol (Vitamin A). This is a safe and extremely effective antioxidant or anti-free radical scavenger, helping to rebuild damaged collagen and elastin, improving the condition of the skin support structure. Scar Repair also contains a unique form of micro molecular synthesised elastin, this is not of animal origin, nor has it been tested on animals. Scar Repair can also be used during dieting and to heal fresh and pink stretch marks and scars.

by Lisa Henning. Published in ABC Magazine – Sussex

Stretch Mark Prevention

Buy Online - Scar Repair (click thru)
Buy Online – Scar Repair (click thru)

RégimA Scar Repair & Anti-Stretch Complex helps generate new skin cells and repair the damaged scar tissue and helps prevent further stretching. It is an effective repair and preventative treatment, however, obviously the oilier or younger the skin, the more elastic it is and therefore the skin’s response is quicker because it needs less elastic proteins to repair. Therefore the drier and less elastic skin will require more long-term Anti-Stretch treatment.

Stretch marks cannot be eliminated completely. However, it has been seen in clinical practice that one can make them look a lot better and proper early care lessens the impact and helps prevent further damage. Our aim is to deeply nourish the skin to start with, penetrate through to the dermis and heal, thicken and re-elastisize. With continued use the skin will become stronger and more elastic, giving one the ability to stretch more without damage.

Anti-Stretch penetrates through the epidermis (outer horny layer of skin) down into the dermis regenerating new cells. It is a ‘prevention as well as a treatment’. The healing plants and our special Elastin, work synergistically healing and repairing. We help to eliminate the incessant itching associated with stretch mark development, thus helping in the prevention process. One must allow 2 to 3 months to see improvement, this varying again on the age and elasticity factors

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Company Number 8032553

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ABC Magazine Sussex – Summer 2014

Prevention isn’t the only cure

by Lisa Henning

Original Article published in ABC Magazine – Sussex

The best time to heal pregnancy stretch marks is while they’re still fresh, those delightful shades of red and pink. Once they’re white and mature, creams and potions will have little effect and a different approach is needed.

Let’s begin with prevention. The simple theory to preventing stretch marks is keeping the skin nourished and more elastic during pregnancy, so it can stretch without tearing in the deep layers. It’s in these deep layers that our body produces the collagen and elastin fibres that give skin its firmness.  When skin has to stretch considerably in a relatively shortspace of time, the deep layers need to stretch without tearing, and it’s these tears that show through as stretch marks.

Stretch mark prevention creams work by feeding and nourishing the deep layers of skin, healing, thickening and elasticising the skin so it can stretch without damage.  Some creams even help ease the incessant itching that happens as the skin is stretching, again showing that healing and prevention is happening. I stock the RégimA Scar Repair & Anti-Stretch Complex.

Skin Confidence by Beautiful Ink (2)

While stretch marks are still shades of red and pink they are healing and this is when you can really help yourself. The same RégimA cream can now be used to heal damaged skin. The stretched area again needs feeding and nourishing, and this will give the best opportunity to regain firmness and for any stretch marks to mature quickly, thicken and begin to blur away.

If you like oils, for prevention and to heal, Rosehip oil is truly wonderful. It’s the skin elasticity oil, with naturally occurring high levels of Vitamin E, Vitamin A and essential fatty acids. Like the RégimA cream it assists with skin healing. During pregnancy it should be used neat (without any essential oils), but it does have a bit of a fatty oil smell.

Once stretch marks are mature (white), the skin has settled.  Creams and potions will have minimal, if any, effect as the tissue is now essentially stuck in this damaged state. You need to wake it up and give it a chance to heal again. This is where clinic based treatments are advised as home based treatments have little effect, or are simply dangerous. I’m talking here about the inappropriate use of skin needling devices, such as a derma roller. Just because you can buy one, doesn’t mean you should use it. For obvious reasons I’ll not go into how to use a derma roller but will simply say, as a trained professional I’m only allowed to use depths up to 1.5mm, while doctors and nurses can use depths over 2mm. Safe home use is up to 0.3mm, this is because at this depth you are not going into blood levels and the risks associated with such treatments.

Skin needling is proven to reduce and improve the appearance of mature stretch marks by causing new collagen and elastin to grow as a response to the needling. But not all skin needling devices give the same level of result. On stretch marked skin the derma roller alone is not the best treatment, it causes new collagen and elastin at the same level in damaged and undamaged skin, a roller cannot be precise.  A derma roller, for those who’ve not heard of one before, is a small handheld device with a few hundred needles on a roller, and looks like a lawn aerator for the skin. Yes exactly! Why would you want to do that to yourself?

Skin Confidence by Beautiful Ink (1)

I have developed a two-fold skin needling treatment, dry tattooing and derma roller combined, to help reduce and improve mature stretch marks and stretched skin. The derma roller is for skin tightening and dry tattooing is for the individual stretch marks. Dry tattooing uses a digital tattoo machine and no pigment. Good numbing creams are used and the treatment itself is surprisingly painless during and after. Whilst this is tattooing, specialised training is required as damaged skin reacts differently to normal skin, and further damage can easily be caused. Those specialising in permanent makeup treatments may take an advanced training course to offer dry tattooing for scars and stretch marks, as the same machine is used.

Wonderfully, one of the results of skin needling, and most visibly with dry tattooing with its intense and precise stimulation, is a natural return of normal pigmentation. So yes, those white shiny stretch marks can look visibly reduced simply because the colour looks more normal! This is unlikely to happen with other stretch mark treatments such as laser or carboxy therapy as only the deep layers of skin are treated, missing the layers where melanin is created alongside the new tissue.

The same process of healing stretch marks by dry tattooing can be applied to scar tissue.  Once scars are six months old dry tattooing can brush through any scar tissue, allowing it to re-heal smoothly, and again helping the tissue return to a more normal colour.

ABC Magazine “The longest established, best-read, free parenting magazine in the South. ABC Magazine is the FREE local parenting magazine offering practical parenting advice to everyone with young children. From babies to big kids!

Every issue of ABC Magazine is packed full of local information and practical parenting advice to help you find what you need and where to buy it, ideas on what to do and where to go, where to find this and that – all child related and child friendly! Loads of articles, great competitions, true-life stories, health updates, all sorts of parenting advice, facts and figures, ideas to fill your days and masses of useful practical parenting tips to help put you on the right road for early parenthood”

Consulting Room Article on Dry Tattooing

Dry Tattooing (MCA Micro Needling) – Precise skin stimulation, wakening and re-healing

by Lisa Henning

Original Article posted 13th June 2014 on The Consulting Room

The Consulting RoomDry tattooing (also known as MCA Micro Needling) is an exciting alternative treatment that works directly on damaged skin, relaxing and smoothing scars, also reducing stretch marks. Any micro needling treatment essentially brings new life into damaged skin, and using a digital tattoo machine is a very quick way and precise way of making this happen. No pigment is tattooed into the skin, however pigmentation begins to normalise as a result.

Dry tattooing is not a new service to the market, but it’s not widely heard of outside of hospitals where it’s better known as MCA Micro Needling. MCA Micro Needling is an advanced course available to those already specialising in cosmetic and medical tattooing. Clients generally hear about this treatment by referral from a doctor or consultant.

At my clinic, Skin Confidence in Brighton, I’ve decided to call this treatment dry tattooing. It’s a term more easily understood by the public whom I’m aiming my service at. Dry tattooing distinguishes the treatment from other micro needling, skin needling treatments such as the derma roller or Derma Pen.

Using the same principles of causing growth of healthy new collagen as a derma roller, dry tattooing works on the specific areas of affected skin only i.e. each stretch mark and only the scar. Areas that are not affected are not treated. The digital tattoo machine causes blood to come into the treated area, without removing the top layers of skin. Over the weeks and months new collagen is formed i.e. healthy new skin rather than poor quality scar tissue, stretched or creased skin. A 20-50% improvement can be seen in just one session, with a course of 3 recommended for best results

Dry tattooing can be used on all colours of skin, with only dark skins prone to over pigmentation and keloid scarring advised not to go ahead. Once approved for treatment, scarring, hypo or hyper pigmentation are unlikely risks, as no heat is used and the surface of the skin is not removed.

MCA Micro Needling began as a treatment to relax and reduce scar tissue, however it’s a valid alternative treatment to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, especially for darker skins where laser treatments would not be advised.

Stretch Marks before

Before – Stretch mark reduction for fine silvery stretch marks on skin area with good elasticity.  Duplicate area on other side, total area size 3 hands.

Stretch Marks after dry tattooing

After – These results are after one session and a small trial patch. A second treatment was carried out and my client was surprised I still found stretch marks, as she could not see them.  Normal pigmentation has almost completely returned to the treated areas. Dry tattooing uses no pigment, this happens naturally in most cases. The stretch marks are still there and will develop and blur over the coming months. Results are very individual

Stretch Marks before treatment

Before – Fine silvery stretch marks on inner thigh, skin area is lacking elasticity.

Stretch Marks after MCA Micro needling

After – 3 sessions and 3 months of healing.  Stretch marks have tightened and the thin skin is filling up.  Area will still be developing over the coming months and any further sessions would use a Derma Roller to tighten as we did not do a combined treatment.

Expected results for stretch marks

If skin lacks elasticity or is loose, like on the bust or tummy, whilst dry tattooing will firm any stretch marks, the rest of the skin will still look loose, and the stretch marks less likely to blur away.  A combined Derma Roller/Dry Tattooing treatment would be suggested to tighten any loose skin, this can be carried out in the same session.

If skin has good elasticity, fine, silvery white stretch marks are likely to disappear after 2 or 3 treatments. Colour begins to naturally return, the shine of thin skin disappears and as the stretch marks thicken and tighten and blur into normal skin.

Medium and wide stretch marks are more difficult to treat and a client’s expectations needs to be well managed.  If skin being tighter, and the marks looking and feeling firmer can be accepted as a result, then all is well as any result more than this would be very individual and medium to wide stretch marks disappearing is unlikely.  Medium to wide stretch marks need to be treated while they are fresh, still very pink or red, to get any result and this would be with specific creams rather than any needling.

Finally, if stretch marks are already normal skin colour and not shiny or striated, it’s harder to see any difference of skin thickening, until they blur into normal skin. It’s unpredictable how much this will happen for medium and wide stretch marks

Natural re-pigmentation of scars and stretch marks

After dry tattooing, with new life brought into damaged tissue, natural pigmentation starts to return.  This can be helped by gentle sun exposure.  This means white and shiny scars and stretch marks blend away, and shades of pink and brown scars begin to normalise, often turning white before normalising.

A pilot Randomized control trial of scar Re-pigmentation with UV light and dry Tattooing

Objective: This study assessed the utility of focused scar injury with an ink-free tattooing technique combined with UV light exposure for the treatment of hypo-pigmented cervico facial scars.

Conclusions: Dry-tattooing followed by UV light exposure may provide a safe and effective means for the treatment of hypo-pigmented scars.

Original Article Michael G. Brandt, Corey C. Moore, Anne E. Conlin, John D. Stein, and Philip C. Doyle

Face lift scar

Before – Face-lift scar. Treatment area size 1 hand

Face lift scar after MCA Micro Needling

After – Result after one visit.  Area in front of ear almost returned to normal, area behind ear is less stretched.

Self harm scarring on arm before

Before – Treatment area size 1 hand.  During the treatment my client found this area a bit twitchy, but not really painful. She reported her arm was a little painful the next day, and was very itchy.  Itchy is good, new life into the area.

Self harm scarring after dry tattooing

After – Results after one session.  Scars look whiter as they are now firmer and smoother. Gentle sun exposure will help the new tissue to naturally re-pigment over the coming months and the scar will blur into the surrounding skin. Second treatment was carried out

Surgical scar on abdomen

Before – Operation scar, scar is pink and tissue irregular

Surgical scar after dry tattooing

After – Result after one session. Scar is now totally smooth and redness has gone. Scar looks whiter as it is now firmer, gentle sun exposure over the coming months will return new tissue to normal colour. Second treatment was carried out

Expected results for scars

Loose scars respond just like stretch marks, dry tattooing causes new collagen growth to the thin and stretched tissue, helping to create firmer skin. As new tissue grows in response to dry tattooing, miscoloured scar tissue achieve a more natural tone, and white scars the return of pigmentation. No pigment is used, this is the bodies natural reaction to scar tissue being needled, and dry tattooing being the most precise and intense form of it.

Dry tattooing also relaxes the fibres of tight scar tissue, with restricted scars or burns softening, allowing a much larger range of movement. Atrophic and Hypertropic scars are smoothed, with pitted acne scars being treated individually. The finest needles can be used, chosen depending on the scar to be treated.  Active keloid scars cannot be treated. Inactive keloid scars can be treated with discretion, and not all raised scars are keloid. Active keloid scars grow, cause pain, itching and numbness. Inactive keloid scars do not grow and their colour is pinkish or normal skin colour

Scar Reduction – Managing Client Expectations

There isn’t the same emotional attachment to stretch marks as there is to a scar one thinks unsightly.  It takes some doing to mentally revisit a scar and hope to improve it, especially if it was a traumatic experience.  This is why on my website I have chosen to show the immediately after treatment photos, so clients know exactly what to expect.  I believe bodies have pain memories, and I see my clients, just before I start treatment, suddenly remembering that it hurt to create, surely it’ll hurt to treat… forgetting that they’ve had numbing cream on the area for at least 30 minutes.

How much a scar improves is very individual, and results can’t be promised, but we’re giving the body a chance to re-heal in a more controlled manner, rather than the rush of scar tissue that formed when the wound was healing.  The emotion my clients generally feel is excitement, that they’re doing something that makes sense.  Scar tissue is stuck; we’re gently and precisely waking it up so it can heal again

Results don’t happen overnight, you’ll see I add dates to my photos, and one of the reasons I’ll be adding more and more photos to my website is so viewers can see there are no standardised before and after photos. There is nothing to judge your result against, only seeing each person’s scar improving. I recommend 3 dry tattooing treatments, and then leave the area to settle and develop for about 4 months before considering having any more. Some clients book these treatments regularly; others wait to see a development before returning. I’m of the view the 3 sessions of regular stimulation will work best, as ultimately we want to stimulate the skin so it can re-heal.

Consulting Room: “Here at The Consulting Room™ we have been providing information and advice that you can trust on surgical and non-surgical cosmetic and beauty treatments for over a decade. Alongside this we offer a service to help you find a clinic in the UK or Ireland providing such treatments.”

Tattooing Over Scars & Stretch Marks

MediTatu ® Dry Tattooing

Graphic images on this page, viewer discretion is advised. Some of the following images are immediately after treatment. The area will be red and swollen as blood has been brought into the area, how much varies by person and area treated. Effective numbing creams are used

Scar & Stretch Mark Treatments in Brighton & Manchester

Brighton – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday

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Am I on the right page ?

It’s well known within the tattoo community that when you tattoo over scars and stretch marks they change, but they also don’t take pigment well, scar tissue resisting pigment and stretch marks swelling

Preparing your skin for tattooing

MediTatu ® Dry Tattooing (also known as MCA Micro Needling, Collagen Induction Therapy, Needle Abrasion, Needle Dermabrasion, Micro Needle Therapy or Digital Skin Needling) for scars and stretch marks uses a digital tattoo machine, to help smooth and firm the stretch marks, and gently breaking up scar tissue in preparation for tattooing

  • No pigment used
  • Numbing cream is used
  • RegimA Scar Repair to boost healing and results
  • 1, 2 or 3 sessions of dry tattooing and skin will no longer swell when being tattooed
  • Scars behave more like normal skin
  • Get your skin ready while waiting for your artist !

Tattooing Scars

Most tattooists recommend you don’t tattoo over scars. However after 1, 2 or 3 dry tattooing sessions the skin begins to respond more normally.  Scars don’t always swell, but pigment doesn’t implant easily or cleanly, and if it does the colour usually heals differently, darker or cooler, or the pigment can reject completely

After dry tattooing the scar tissue improves as normal skin has grown within in, it begins to smooth and becomes less noticeable.  After a few dry tattooing sessions scars become more suitable for tattooing

Tattooing Stretch Marks

Most tattooists recommend you don’t tattoo over stretch marks.  This is because when a stretch mark is tattooed it swells, making clean pigment implantation pretty difficult, if not impossible

During the first dry tattooing session stretch marks will indeed swell up, however on the second session they swell less, and the third session hardly swell at all.  This is because normal skin has grown within the stretch marks, making them now more suitable for tattooing

Can my artist dry tattoo the area instead of you ?

Long established tattooists will know the effect dry tattooing has on scars and stretch marks, but are you visiting them for the quality of their work, or for a medical treatment ? 

It’s very wrong for any tattooist to offer scar and stretch marks treatments with no training, and think about it, if a tattooist is good enough and busy enough, they won’t have time to offer you dry tattooing

Being right or wrong aside, there are minimum training requirements for anyone to offer skin needling treatments.  Those already trained to offer permanent makeup with a machine, NVQ Level 4 in Advanced Beauty, existing skin needling training, nurses and doctors can learn dry tattooing.  They’re even working on new rules to raise this minimum training even higher – So it’s not a case of have a tattoo machine can dry tattoo !

How many sessions ?

I normally recommend 3 sessions for best improvement without any tattooing, but here we’d be doing treatments until the scar or stretch marks stops swelling, loosens or fills enough to be tattooed.   Expect to need 2 or 3 treatments over a period of 2 or 3 months. 

A good way of spending time while you’re waiting for your artist to be available !

Self Injury Scar Reduction
Before & After One Session – These raised and soft scars became firm and smooth within 6 weeks and after just one session. A second session was carried out
Self Injury Scar Reduction
Immediately after first session.  Unfortunately I forgot to take the freshly tattooed photo after the second treatment, but the treated scars were flatter and much more red

The following images are used to illustrate how the treated area differs when treated the first time to being treated again

Selt Injury Scar Treatment (2)
Immediately after first session
Selt Injury Scar Treatment (1)
Immediately after second session
MCA for stretch marks (5)
Immediately after first session
MCA for stretch marks (2)
Immediately after second session

What is Dry Tattooing, and a word of caution

If anyone has heard of skin needling as a beauty treatment, like the derma roller or derma pen, they make micro holes in the skin which causes your body to begin the wound healing process.

During wound healing, if inflammation is minimised and the skin fed (by using specially chosen aftercare products), new skin forms and fibrous scar tissue is loosened.

When improving scars and stretch marks, more precise and intense skin needling is needed, to break up the scar tissue, to wake up the stretch mark. Using a digital tattoo machine to do this makes perfect sense. I’ve not tried it with a coil or traditional tattoo machine, but the strokes are likely to be too soft, catching the tissue, and more risk of overworking the already damaged skin.

For most people, Dry Tattooing with no aftercare gives less than impressive results, and they’re slow. You may even cause more scar tissue, extra redness due to capillary overgrowth, or hyperpigmentation (skin going dark on treated areas).

Use the wrong aftercare and just like after tattooing, you’re highly likely to get a reaction, inflammation and then an infection.

Dry Tattooing is not a new service, I call it Dry Tattooing so the public gets a better idea of what it is and understands why it works (by understanding about skin needling).

The proper name for Dry Tattooing is MCA Micro Needling and it’s been used by specifically trained cosmetic and medical tattooists for over 30 years.

I’ve had a trade stand (not tattooing) at the Brighton Tattoo convention for the past 4 years talking about this treatment, and I’ll be there again next year. I invite the opportunity to educate, and caution.

Skin after it’s been Dry Tattooed looks brutal, the person being treated needs to be very prepared for this. If you know about blood lining, imagine those lines being a 1cm wide, raised and swollen !

I’m very aware calling the treatment Dry Tattooing will create many a reaction, but for as long as I can I hope those reactions are ultimately positive.  And now I’ve branded to Meditatu ® I hope the caution to untrained people with a tattoo machine is heard

About Me

Whilst I may have the needle skills for cosmetic and medical tattooing, I can’t draw to the standard I like to be tattooed, so I don’t tattoo body art

I’ll have a trade stand again at the 2017 Brighton Tattoo Convention, so if you’re there, come and say hello as I’m happy to chat about this treatment

Scar Prevention & Advice

Preventing Unsightly Scars

Page includes graphic images – viewer discretion advised

Once a surgical wound has closed, the stitches removed and the consultant signed you off, that’s usually it.  You now have a fresh scar that still needs caring for to get the best cosmetic appearance, but we’re rarely taught how

I’d like to share how, it’s surprisingly simple, and costs very little

Fresh Scar Tissue

Once the stiches have been removed, fresh scar tissue is holding the wound together.  For areas of high movement i.e tummy and around the shoulder, or areas prone to gravity stretching i.e tummy and breast, the fresh scar tissue is working far harder that it should be.  One of two things will happen, the scar will form into a fibrous bump of tissue, or become a stretched scar, which can be loose or tight.  So it would make sense to help support the fresh scar tissue with micropore tape, thus holding the area together

Micropore Tape

Simply tape over the scar with micropore tape, easily found in chemists, 2.5cm x 10m costs about £4

  • The width of the tape you use should completely cover and support the scar, surrounding it by about 1cm. 
  • The tape should be applied to a clean scar with no greasiness on the surrounding skin.  Apply the tape firmly.
  • The tape must be left on until it comes off naturally (5 to 7 days), and replaced.  Do not remove daily as this will cause irritation.
  • Continue taping until the scar matures, becoming pale and flat. This may take a couple of months.

This method must not be used on wounds, or skin that has any broken surface

Hip replacement scar.  RegimA Scar Repair with micropore tape began whenstitches were removed

MediTatu ® Treating Mature Scars & Stretch Marks

When stretch marks are no longer fresh pink, and scars older than 6 months (usually white), they are considered mature and need waking up before these creams will benefit.  Dry tattooing wakes up the skin

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Scar Prevention Products

I stock RégimA Scar Repair (cream and serum) and Laser Azu-Repair gel, you can purchase them online or call me if you’ve any questions.  For fresh wounds and burns, always seek medical advice before treating yourself or someone else

Why Choose RégimA

  • Suitable for all skin types, ages and ethnicities
  • No animal or human ingredients and not tested on animals
  • Enhanced wound healing and scar maturation
  • Helps even old scarring, improves smoothness & colour of scarring
  • Helps prevent and repair stretch marks
  • Safe during pregnancy
  • Highest amount of natural ingredients achieving ultimate anti-ageing results

RégimA is a unique skin rejuvenation and treatment range manufactured for the use of doctors and skin care professionals. Extensive use of the very finest potent natural ingredients from Europe, South Africa and other tropical regions and indigenous wound healing, skin repairing plants, ensures RégimA’s status as a skin treatment leader in the world market

Become a RégimA stockist

Loyal to therapists, only Scar Repair & Laser Azu-Repair available online


Award winning training to offer skin peels, facials and home care products

RégimA Scar Repair Forte (serum)


Scar Repair Forté comprises a host of new generation wound-healing and anti-inflammatory actives, designed to provide potent care for new operative or trauma scars, hypertrophic scars, damaged skin and stretch marks. SAFE for all skin types, even sensitive areas, delicate eye area, all age groups, all ethnicities. Provides ultimate unparalleled wound healing, accelerating reconstruction of damaged skin, enhanced scar maturation and a more aesthetically pleasing end result. May be used with or without micropore tape

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  • Rapidly reduces inflammation and irritation
  • Promotes wound healing, rapid repair
  • Helps reduce skin redness (erythema)
  • Provides balanced healthy collagen I & III synthesis
  • Anti-glycation – prevents hardening of elastin fibres
  • Skin regenerating, restructuring, re-elasticizing
  • Helps treat new and old lumpy, red, painful scars
  • Reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • Helps inflammatory skin conditions such as acne
  • Helps improve all skins – thinned, fragile, sun damaged, scarred or ageing

RégimA Scar Repair (cream)


Extremely versatile scar repairing cream for use on new and old scars. Helps accelerate the healing process. May be used with or without micropore tape. Seen clinically to have a positive effect on even hypertrophic or keloid scarring. A prevention and a ‘treatment’ for stretchmarks. Also seen to have a positive effect on scarred or acneform skins. May be used am or pm under RégimA day and night products on damaged, thin, ageing skins to help thicken, repair and re-elasticize

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For new scars use Scar Repair Cream or Super Strength Serum applying immediately following suture removal 2 to 4 times daily. May be done alone or over the top of micropore tape, which is recommended by plastic surgeons for certain operations such as breast or tummy tuck. For keloid scars massage several times daily

Hypertrophic & Keloid Scars are scars that manifested as pink, red, purple, itchy, painful, raised and usually remain in that condition for years if untreated, therefore massage them with pressure Scar Serum or Cream daily into affected scarred areas

Scar Cream RegimA (4)RegimA Scar Repair Before and after

RégimA Laser Azu-Repair Gel

Laser Azu-Repair (click thru)

The primary function of Laser Gel Azu-Repair is to provide all the necessary support for wound healing, and create an environment for the skin that ensures rapid repair and moisturisation. The combined effect of the actives imparts the further benefit of the reduction of irritation, soothing and softening damaged skin, and alleviating inflammation

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  • Helps promote more rapid healing
  • Aids skin recovery
  • Soothes, calms, reduces redness
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant
  • Anti-irritant, anti-bacterial
  • Assists in procollagen synthesis
  • Assists with skin regeneration
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Super moisturising, rehydrating
  • Helps prevent crusting/scabbing which could result in scarring and pigmentation

Always keep a jar of ‘The Blue Gel’ in the first aid kit for any cuts, grazes, burns, nappy rash. For psoriasis in the scalp massage The Gel into the rea and leave overnight. For damaged cracked hands aor heels apply a generous layer at night with gloves or socks over whilst sleeping.


Azulene, Pomegranate seed oil, Borago, Bisabolol etc. with ’The Blue Gel’ always provide powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-viral properties. The combined actives are soothing, calming, help reduce redness and swelling with added pain relief benefits, relieving highly irritated, inflamed or burned skins. Enhanced skin penetration, helps deliver active ingredients trans-dermally to quickly hydrate dry, damaged skins, relieving skin irritations, improving elasticity, restoring suppleness

RegimA Scar Repair Before & After

Using RégimA Scar Repair & Laser Gel

A combined treatment would be recommended for burns, including radiotherapy burns

Radiation Therapy

Laser Gel would be applied immediately after each radiation therapy session (not during the treatment itself). Scar Repair is also highly recommended with Laser Gel over the top.  The high percentage of anti-inflammatory ingredients combined help to alleviate any radiation burn

Scar Cream RegimA (2)

RegimA Scar Repair Before and after
RegimA Scar Repair Before & After

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Click through for company website
Click through for company website

RégimA offer many skin wonderful products and skin treatments, as a small studio I don’t stock all the products.  After visiting their website, if there’s something you’d like to know more about, or purchase, let me know and I order it in for you