Nanotechnology rapidly transports a high percentage of active ingredients aiding the healing process, helping reduce inflammation.

Dramatically improves a problem skin, reducing inflammation and helping normalise oil secretions and hormone levels within the skin. Helps stimulate healthy collagen synthesis. Visibly clears and tightens the pores maintaining a smoother, clearer skin. Promotes renewed skin radiance with a clearer, fresher, healthier looking skin.

Directions for use:

This product is applied immediately following a RégimA ‘Acne Attack’ Peel & Heal treatment and to ensure ultimate continuity of care is continued at home.

AM & PM : A thin layer to be applied to full face and neck and allowed to dry before applying other products over the top. May tingle on application. If skin is very problematic one may use in conjunction with other RégimA problem skin products. If skin is scarred or very inflamed and sore then one may apply either Scar Repair or Quantum Elastin over the top am and pm. This combination will help relieve, calm and stabilise inflamed, irritated, congested skins.

Combine with other RégimA home care essentials.

MUST NOT be combined with any other product range

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