Scar, Burn & Stretch Mark Treatment

Skin Peel or Dry Tattooing ?

Burns, large scars and skin grafts would follow below

  • Fresh Scars (healed)RégimA aftercare
  • 3 to 6 months old – Combination (with approval)
  • Mature Scars – Combination

RégimA Skin Peels

RégimA Peel & Heal is specially formulated for damaged skin.  This is a potent yet gentle lactic and malic acid peel in varying percentages and pH’s, with specific aftercare products chosen to feed the new skin that’s forming. For scars and burns we can combine treatments, depending on the scar and speed of improvement.  The healthier we can make the skin, the sooner visible results are seen, not just felt

  • Helps treat problematic skins
  • Natural formula, not chemically buffered
  • 100% free acid action
  • Achieves results on all skin problems
  • Safe for the face, including dark under eyes, breasts, décolleté, anti-ageing for the hands, and areas of the body which have scarring
  • Peel face + body = Scars, hypertrophic and keloids, acne scarring, old burns, old skin grafts
  • Safe during pregnancy
  • Safe to use all year round
  • Safe for all skins, all ethnicities – white, black, Asian, young, mature, male, female
  • Contains 6 Natural Acids: Peach, Raspberry, Apple, Lactic, Malic, Citric, plus healing, exfoliating, smoothing active ingredients
  • Peeling, healing, rejuvenating, renewed youthful skin
  • Rapid exfoliating action – Shorter treatment time
  • Minimized down time
  • Rapid Radiance “Flash Effect”
  • Helps eliminate and control pigmentation

Dry Tattooing

Dry Tattooing (no pigment used) is very impressive helping to relax tight scar tissue.  The tattoo needles gently break up any fibrous tissue, helping to flatten and smooth it.  The flattening and smoothing takes time, I generally recommend 3 sessions over a period of three months, then allow the area to settle and develop further.  But the relaxing of tight tissue clients have told me is felt in a matter of weeks. To boost the appearance, and further help soften the damaged tissue

You’re welcome to send me a photo of the area and give me a call to discuss treatments and prices

I use Whatsapp 07530 978856
You’ll find me as Beautiful Ink – Lisa

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RegimA Peel & Heal 9

RegimA Peel & Heal 10

RegimA Peel & Heal 11

RegimA Peel & Heal 14

Pippie Kruger

Article and comment from Pippie’s mother


  • Your first 30% peel (60 mins) – £100
  • Includes 4 travel sized products worth approx. £40
  • Or includes £40 towards full size products
  • Additional 30% peels (45 mins) – £80
  • Prices are for face, for body POA
  • Other peels are available and used if required

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